Add Facebook Chat Application to Chat With Friends Directly

Combine Friends Together!

Our Facebook chat application will allow you to chat directly with both, your friends, and Facebook friends, if your using Facebook or chatting inside one of our chat rooms!, you can do this by one of two methods:

  • 1- Add Facebook Chat Application: Add the Facebook Chat application to your Facebook account to be able to use our chat rooms, chat with friend from both our website and Facebook directly, Go to our fans page and click on Go to App : Twelve Chat Facebook Page.
  • 2- Sign in to chat with your Facebook account: Our new chat platform, allow you to sign in to chat rooms using your Facebook account.

For More Details on how to achieve both methods, please see the following Pictures:

Click the Facebook icon to Connect Chat With Facebook Advertisement
Or Join Facebook Fans Page and Click on Go to APP Advertisement

Step by Step Tutorial:

To add Facebook Twelve Chat Application to your Facebook Account, Please Follow These Points:

  • Sign in to Facebook: Firs of all, open, sign in using your Facebook Account.
  • Visit our page on Facebook here: Twelve Chat on Facebook.
  • Click Go to App Button (Near Like Button): Go to Facebook Chat Application.
  • Facebook will ask you to allow our application to access your information, allow it please, click Go to App , Then Click Allow, See The Pictures for details:
    Click go to APP to connect with facebook
    Allow The Facebook Application to connect you account to chat
  • You will see our chat rooms list on Facebook, click on sign in button, log in using your Facebook account after clicking the Facebook Icon.
  • Congratulations, you can chat with friends from both and directly from inside chat rooms now!.